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I have been blogging about money, freedom, and economics since February 2006, back then I was using blogger.com, in November 08 I switched to my own self-hosted blog EconomicsJunkie.com and transferred most of my old posts over. In my professional life, I am a partner at a software startup where I help conceptualize and code live and online auction software solutions. I am also Founder and CEO of a web based project management solution which I run on the side.

In my spare time I enjoy reading books by great authors, such as Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, and others. I also take pleasure in playing classic guitar, exploring the city, cooking international food, and skiing in Lake Tahoe.

Freedom, Liberty, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity are supposed to be the natural state of mankind! There is nothing I can wish for more than a society where people make way for a system of social cooperation that bestows these gifts upon every single one who lives in it. I strongly resent systems that, from the outset, deny these to some people.

But little will change so long as the majority believes the lies and the propaganda promulgated by the government and its corollary, the financial elites, pundits, and professors.

I have been called an idealist, a leftist, a reactionary neoliberal, a Republican, a Democrat and what have you. None of this is true. Only people who can’t think for themselves succumb to party line. I am a human being with a brain. The only valid guides in the pursuit of knowledge are logic and evidence, in other words: the subordination to reality. I endorse correct ideas, I reject false ones.

In order to understand the way I approach economics and the ideas I express, it makes most sense to start reading the posts under “Important Posts” over in the right column of this blog.

I hope that my advice will help people make sense of the confusing ups and downs in this world and I look forward to qualified feedback from interested readers.

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