Past 8 Presidents Since 1970 ALL Promised Big Change on Energy Policy

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June 17, 2010 · Posted in Government 

Here’s a beautiful display of the government’s complete and utter incapability to affect positive change, from yesterday’s Daily Show:

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This whole clip is funny and of course sad at the same time.

It’s of course completely predictable that when a government official promises big and positive change on the energy front, the exact opposite will happen, namely EVEN MORE dependence on foreign oil NOW compared to THEN. This is one of the very consistent threads you can observe when it comes to state propaganda and there’s no need to act surprised about such inevitabilities.

But what’s so tragically funny on top of all this is that you will continue to see people complain about these problems while at the same time running again and again to the government for solutions.

Look out for John Stuart sucking up to Al Gore yet again when he’s on his show next time, talking about how we need the government to solve our energy challenges and environmental problems and how “NOW’s the time!”.

This stuff is unfortunately a bit too serious in my opinion to continue to mess around with it. This oil spill along with all the corollary problems that pertain to the US’ energy dependence was and continues to be brought to you by Uncle Sam, until you realize that you need to walk away from this abusive Uncle, and look for serious solutions. Advertisement: Get your shortlink before someone else does at

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  1. Tim on June 17th, 2010 11:01 am

    Thanks for this! Sadly, the average person living withing the imaginary lines called the u.s. would watch this, laugh and continue on thinking that government is necessary.

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