California Tea Party Rips into GOP Opportunists

People have to understand that these protests are non-partisan. We don’t care whether our leaders call themselves Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. We don’t discriminate when it comes to pointing out the false policies that brought about the credit crunch. It is specific ideas and the specific actions they precipitate that matter, not labels or party line.

It was thus very encouraging to see a California Tea Party smack down a GOP opportunist:

Something hugely significant just happened here at the Sacramento Tea Party. Organizer Mark Meckler singled out GOP opportunists who wouldn’t give him the time of day weeks ago — and then wanted to hitch their wagons to the Tea Party bandwagon at the last minute.

Meckler said he heard that California GOP chair Ron Nehring was in the audience. Meckler invited him to say hi to the crowd — and then ripped him for waffling on the massive tax hike ballot measures (particularly Prop1A – $16 billion tax hikes).

Massive boos from the crowd of thousands here against the Calif. GOP establishment.

Will this make the MSM coverage? It doesn’t fit the narrative. But it’s yet another demonstration that this movement is not partisan and equal opportunity when it comes to holding politicians’ feet to the fire for fiscal irresponsibility and fecklessness.

Let’s never forget who started the Tea Parties:

Those who ridiculed him back then and still have no intentions to change their views, yet at the same time have jumped upon the Tea Party bandwagon, are being insincere.

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