Trump VS The Deep State

I forgot to post this when it was published. 25 days ago I had another great discussion with my fellow Being Libertarian contributors. In it I stated that the big picture battle is Trump vs the Deep State, wherein I make the case that elements of the mainstream media are part of the deep state, as has been openly admitted via the officially exposed Operation Mockingbird.

This is relevant in light of what you can see unraveling right now, in particular the smears that led to Michael Flynn’s resignation as prospective National Security Adviser.

Everything you can see happening right now and probably from here on out is basically already admitted as per this leaked David Brock “American Bridge” memo.

One of its stated goals is to achieve impeachment of Donald Trump.

David Brock American Bridge Quote

Finally, I tend to agree with Mike Cernovich who states in this clip that Flynn’s resignation is a huge victory for the mainstream media, and a huge display of weakness on Trump’s part.

The only precaution I would throw in is that ultimately we obviously don’t know what went on behind the scenes. It’s a plausible speculation that there may have been other reasons to dump Flynn, and that Trump is just baiting the mainstream media.

In any case, Trump VS the Deep State is just one symptom of the true conflict, that is the conflict between common citizen driven media and establishment billionaire narratives, and it is only just beginning.

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