Governor Bobby Jindal Responds to Obama’s Speech Before Congress

Although there is a lot of shallow talk in Governor Bobby Jindal’s response to Obama’s speech today, he raises a few excellent points. In particular:

  • The fact that the majority in Congress is misguided in believing in continuing the extension of government power instead of placing it back in the hands of the people.
  • An example of how miserably the Federal government failed during Katrina, while local efforts were what helped rescue people during the hurricane aftermath and helped rebuild New Orleans.
  • The importance of cutting taxes for families and small businesses.
  • The necessity of reigning in government spending instead of expanding it.
  • A clear statement against government run health care. Doctors and patients, not Washington should make decisions.
  • Making sure that we never ever see the passage of an $800 billion spending bill that no member of Congress has read before voting for it.
  • The fact that Republicans have betrayed their traditional principles of personal responsibility and limited government (which is the reason why we are where we are now).

Unfortunately he has also fallen prey to the fallacy that we somehow need to “stabilize” home prices, instead of letting the consumers decide how much they want to pay for a home. Home prices need to and will come down by much more than they already have, simply because too many homes have been built during the housing boom. What could be better for the poor and little income earners than homes that are much cheaper than they are now? Nobody in government or Congress educates the people about this truth. I’m sorry, nobody except for Ron Paul of course …

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