The EconomicsJunkies Community Relaunches!

posted by Nima

April 22, 2010 · Posted in Philosophy 

To all my dearly appreciated, curious, incredibly smart, and unique readers:

After playing around a bit with viable community solutions, we are finally ready to re-launch the EconomicsJunkies community :)

Note the “S” after Junkie. This means that I invite people to join so we can be multiple EconomicsJunkieS in a vibrant and growing community with interesting discussions and new exciting blogs which can share my existing and steadily growing traffic.

Blog by blog, comment by comment, discussion by discussion we are changing the world by rational means. Our ideas are powerful and our conviction is unshakable. We are the pioneers of a new world …

And in a group we can do so much more to get out the word about Freedom, Peace, Happiness, and Prosperity! :)

So hop on, Join the Junkies! :)

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