Against the Gods?

This new free book by Stefan Molyneux is probably the most rigorous, uncompromising, damning, consistent, and comprehensive case against illusion, falsehoods, and bigotry in general, and against religion and agnosticism in particular:

… well worth a thorough read or listen.

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1 thought on “Against the Gods?”

  1. Having read the first half of the book, I have no idea how you think this is the ‘most rigorous’ case against religion. Frankly, it’s awful. I would put Sobel’s “Logic and Theism” or perhaps Oppy’s “Arguing about Gods” as the most rigorous nontheistic works in recent times. This is just dire. Molyneux seems to be completely unaware of the literature on the subject – see, for example, his short discussion of the omniscience-omnipotence incompatibility. That’s an issue which both atheists and theists have written about extensively, and Molyneux shows no awareness of that at all; his arguments are just extremely basic or, in places, clearly false.

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