Anarchism – The Ultimate Fruition of Liberty, Peace & Happiness

I have been meaning to write a bit more about anarchism. I have always defined anarchism as follows:

Anarchism is a system of division of labor under private ownership of all factors of production. No government exists under anarchism.

The above definition by necessity implies that anarchism means absence of aggression. It thus requires vigorous and violent defense against any attempts to aggression.

When talking to unenlightened people, whoever defends anarchism will usually have to address the same boring, tired, false and predictable arguments and objections. “If there is no government, then who will protect us from crime? Who will regulate traffic? Who will build the roads? Who will run the schools? …” etc.

I came across a few brilliant and concise videos on youtube that explain essential concepts of anarchism that should help those people who have still not been able to understand anarchism’s benefits:


Health Care:






There is only one system under which nothing, absolutely nothing stands in the way of Freedom, Liberty, Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness. This system is anarchism.

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