2 thoughts on “Ayn Rand Predicts Move Toward Collectivism in USA”

  1. In the future people will not work for employers for it leads to exploitation and abuse. People will work in things that they enjoy; they will follow their passion. People will be glad to help others for the good of all.

    Society will be one that does not need money or central banks. Money was first created to enslave people, in the latter period of Sumeria. Sumeria was under a government called the Annunaki who had the cult of the serpent. They created money to enslave people to materiality. As we are seeing now, they succeeded. Our leaders are men incapable to say no to their selfish egos and are consumed by greed. Families are being destroyed by it, and this was also the aim. We are not here to grow materially but spiritually. We are destroying this beautiful planet that has given us life.
    Check this website: http://www.firethegrid.com , for we are headed to the edge of an abyss, but are totally unaware of it, entrapped in the material-reality-box designed for us long ago.

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