Dear Senator/Congressman, you are making a huge mistake…

…if you let this $700 billion bailout bill pass.

Remember how you were going to stand up to this administration?

Remember how you said “No blank check for this President!”?

What has happened to that?

The Paulsons and Bernankes in this scam are nothing but the Cheneys and Wolfowitzes of the Iraq war.

Remember how congressmen/-women and senators regret their votes on the Iraq bill? You must have thought to yourself back then “How could they??”. Now you are about to do the same thing!!

These people don’t have the solution to the financial crisis. They have been wrong on everything they said. Remember how Paulson said a few weeks ago the banking system is sound? Remember Bush’s endless reassurances that the economy is strong and stable?

Why listen to these people?

Why not sit back for a second and listen to the people who have been talking about this problem for years? How about listening to the people who have been right on everything? The people who saw this coming and who have again and again presented logical solutions. In particular I would like you to take a look at what these two people have been talking about for years, even decades:

– Ron Paul (
– Mike Shedlock (

You have to understand: This bailout plan is more of the same. The cause for the credit crisis is that the federal reserve and government entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been buying up mortgage backed securities with taxpayer money and/or printed money. It has been fully explained by the theory of credit expansion. This bill suggests more of that. It will not fix the situation, it will aggravate it!

I hope you take at least five minutes to seriously think about what I just wrote.

I am furious. I cannot believe what is going on. Especially since we have had this kind of rush scenario again and again. And every time we asked ourselves afterwards: “How could they approve that?”

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(This was first posted on 09/25/2008)

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