Bailouts for Everyone

The US faces the most severe crisis in history. Everyone is facing the threat of bankruptcy. If everyone were to go out of business, everyone would lose their jobs. Everyone is too big to fail. It is not just those who are directly employed by everyone, millions of people are contractors and vendors who supply everyone. They, too, would be affected.

Unfortunately the bailout for everyone faces strong opposition in Congress. Only a few brilliant public figures have realized how severe the situation is:

Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank had the following to say:

“If we don’t help everyone, we will see a disastrous ripple effect that will affect everyone. In a crisis like the current one we cannot afford this.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

“Bankruptcy is simply not an option for everyone. It takes way too long to go through the Chapter 11 proceedings for everyone. There is too much at stake here. We’re not just looking at anyone here, we’re talking about everyone!”

President Elect Barack Obama:

“If Congress doesn’t act during the lame duck session, my first act, when in office, will be a bailout for everyone. Everyone employs roughly 100% of the American workforce. We can’t afford unemployment to jump up to 100%.”

President Bush:

“I’m a market kinda’ guy, you know that. But after consulting with my experts Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke I suddenly realized that a failure of everyone would be disastrous for everyone. The risk of not bailing out out everyone by far outweighs the cost of the package.”

A businessman from Detroit who sells stuff and is directly affected by everyone’s financial problems:

“Imagine you buy something from everyone and then it breaks. Who’s going to fix it when everyone goes out of business?”

It is time to end the partisan debate. It is imperative that the government step up to the plate and bail out everyone, whether Congress likes it or not. The money for this historic bailout would of course have to be raised through taxes, levied upon everyone. Now is really the time for everyone to set aside their selfish greediness and do what is right for everyone.

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