Bernanke Consistently Wrong

In his statement from May 5th Bernanke stated that he expects a recovery “later this year”:

We continue to expect economic activity to bottom out, then to turn up later this year. Key elements of this forecast are our assessments that the housing market is beginning to stabilize and that the sharp inventory liquidation that has been in progress will slow over the next few quarters. Final demand should also be supported by fiscal and monetary stimulus.

Let’s see what Bernanke had to say about 1 year ago in April 2008

Mr. Bernanke, testifying before the Joint Economic Committee on Capitol Hill, said the economic situation had weakened since the Fed last reported at the end of January but that it could revive later in 2008 because of the $150 billion spending and tax cut package enacted this year.

There is one thing you can trust Bernanke with – the fact that he is wrong, always and everywhere…In one year from now, when condidtions are worse than now, what do you think he will tell us then? Is anybody still listening to this guy? If so … why?

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  1. and here’s Bernanke in May 2007:

    “We see no serious broader spillover to banks or thrift institutions from the problems in the subprime market.” Ben Bernanke, May 2007

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