California Legistlature Seeks to Introduce Internet Tax

CommissionJunction sent out a call to action today:

Dear California Publisher,

ALL HANDS ON DECK! California’s budget tax bill now includes “affiliate nexus” language and could be voted on as early as next week! Commission Junction is opposed to the internet retail tax and this language in general, and we strongly encourage you to send a letter of opposition to Senator Denise Moreno Ducheny ([email protected]). But don’t stop there:

  • Navigate to the California State Assembly web site
  • Use the “Find My District” link on the left of the home page and then type in your address and zip code to find your district number. Close that window.
  • Use the “Assembly Roster” link on the home page to find links to email your assembly member.

We encourage you to use email and phone calls to express your opposition.

Please visit this page and scroll to the California Internet Retail Tax section to find a template you can use and modify accordingly for your email as well as the Senator’s email address.

Let’s join together to oppose this bill!


The Commission Junction Team

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