California Voters Smack Down Fiscal Nonsense

A few days ago I wrote

Governments in spendthrift states, such as New Jersey and California, have to come to their senses, cut their excessive spending, their lavish pension plans, and unsustainable union wages. It is safe to assume that a major wave of municipal and state bankruptcies is bound to unravel sooner or later.

But until then they will of course continue to bleed the taxpayer for as long as they can. Expect them to introduce more and more “temporary” taxes and fees over the next months and years. (Of course “temporary” in government lingo always equals “permanent”.)

Californians do have the chance to send a message: Vote No on Prop 1A through 1E and Yes on 1F.

I also wrote before that:

…a time will come, when Californians will stand up against these depredations. Let’s make sure it happens rather sooner than later.

Please also consider California – What Has Become of You?

Enough is enough! California, Please Send a Message!

Luckily, Californians did send a message: California voters kill budget measures:

Despite a big advantage in cash and manpower, the campaign failed to gain traction from the start. Polls throughout the race showed all the ballot measures — except Proposition 1F — losing badly, as voters expressed equal parts confusion over the package and disdain for the Sacramento politicians who crafted it.

Californians seemed upset partly by Sacramento’s call for more money at a time when employment was sagging, retirement accounts were plunging and the average resident was struggling. Others expressed irritationat being called back to the polls just months after a presidential election.

Now the ball is in the legislatures court. The mandate is simple: No more taxes, no more borrowing, cut spending to get your lousy budget in order!

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