Call the cops …

A friend called the cops today because he thought they would help him for some reason. I then asked him and two other friends: “Tell me, when did cops ever help you and NOT bully, harass, or fine you for not hurting anyone?” – Two remained silent, one said: “This one time, a cop helped me because he was going to fine me for driving fast, but then let me off.”

If I put on a blue costume and a hat, does that allow me to stop anyone whose speed I don’t appreciate on some road? What if I stop my neighbor and tell him that it is only through my own goodwill that he will be able to move on. Does that mean I helped him? Didn’t I much rather waste his precious time??

This is how mentally brainwashed and deranged we are today. We justify the most violent and intrusive of acts, so long as they are performed by the almighty armed people in blue costumes.

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