Campaign for Liberty Reclaiming the Republic – Seat by Seat, State by State

Awesome news from John Tate in his recent C4L newsletter:

Dear Friend of Liberty,

After Ron Paul’s presidential campaign ended, the political establishment was sure our grassroots Revolution would fade away and eventually be considered nothing more than a “flash in the pan.”

Much to their frustration, Campaign for Liberty formed in June 2008 to carry on the fight for limited, constitutional government and the restoration of the Founders’ vision.

In just a little over a year, C4L has grown to include nearly 200,000 members from the U.S. and all over the world. Together, we’ve made the Federal Reserve a mainstream issue of debate for the first time in a century, and, in the House of Representatives, have brought the entire Republican Party and nearly 100 Democrats onto Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed bill. Our momentum in the Senate is quickly growing as more cosponsors sign up in support of our historic effort to bring transparency and accountability to D.C.’s most secretive institution.

None of our success on the national level would be possible without the hard work and long hours put in by so many liberty-minded activists across America.

C4L members in every state are working for true, lasting change, and are having tremendous success in fighting to restore our liberties.

Here are just a few of the many excellent reports we’ve seen from members across the country:

Minnesota: Interim State Coordinator Marianne Stebbins reports that success during Ron Paul’s presidential campaign has carried over to current activism.

According to Marianne, “In 2008, liberty forces were successful in electing seven National Delegates and six National Alternates to the RNC. This came on the heels of the election of nearly 1,500 state delegates and alternates. Because we had so many delegates and alternates in the system from 2008 and because many of them stayed active in party politics, liberty forces in MN also enjoyed success in party leadership elections in 2009.”

Victories in Minnesota include electing liberty-minded activists to three Congressional District Chairs, in addition to another friendly Chair in a fourth district, out of eight congressional districts. Several members have also been elected to the State Executive Committee.

Across Minnesota, victories include electing supporters to state central committees, senate district and county leadership, and putting liberty-minded activists in place as Vice Chairs, Treasurers, Deputy Chairs, and several local party Chairs. Supporters are also now in charge of the Minneapolis Republican City Committee, and are working to elect like-minded people to the mayor’s office and city council. Marianne finishes her report by noting, “We continually hear stories about our freedom fighters who are already running for office in 2010, primarily for State Senate or House.”

Great job, Minnesota! (I’m also pleased to add that Minnesota C4L has been successful in getting five out of Minnesota’s eight representatives to cosponsor Audit the Fed!)

Florida: On August 7-9, Florida C4L will gather at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, FL for their Florida Liberty Summit featuring Dr. Paul and Tom Woods. Orange County members have set a goal to have 200 Local Coordinators in Florida by the time of the Summit.

To reach this goal, Orange County C4L activists have been contacting members to address any concerns about becoming an LC and to talk about the necessity of the Local Coordinator program. In less than two weeks, they recruited 29 new LC’s!

Florida’s Local Coordinator count is currently at 159 (leading all other states!), and I’m confident our Florida members can achieve their goal in time for the Summit.

Illinois: Illinois C4L has recently seen a phenomenal increase in their membership! Co-Interim State Coordinator Heather Danielowski notes on her blog that in a two week period in early July, “our total membership has grown by 579, 38 new user accounts have been created, and 3 members have agreed to work as local coordinators. This brings our total numbers to 6,356 members, 1,343 members with user accounts, and 95 local coordinators.”

Since this report was written on July 15, Illinois’ numbers have gone up even more! The latest numbers on the Illinois C4L state page lists 6,531 members, 1,390 web accounts, and 96 Local Coordinators.

Illinois C4L members have also been busy spreading the word about Audit the Fed. The Central Illinois C4L has collected over 1,500 petitions urging Senator Dick Durbin to cosponsor S 604, the Senate companion to Ron Paul’s HR 1207.

If you live in Illinois, the first-ever Illinois C4L state-wide barbeque will take place on July 25 from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm. Click here for more information.

California: In our last email updating you on state successes, we recounted the story of Ron Paul supporters in Alameda County who were successful in gaining 16 out of 30 seats on the Alameda County GOP Central Committee. Their hard work to gain support for Audit the Fed paid off when the Alameda GOP passed a resolution in support of HR 1207 that became a blueprint for many other state groups and committees.

I’m pleased to announce that good things continue to happen in Alameda County! Jerry Salcido, a C4L supporter who contributes to our Featured Articles on, recently won the election to become the new Chairman of the Alameda County GOP!

Click here to read Jerry’s archived Featured Articles. Congratulations to Jerry and all who supported his bid!

Washington: Washington State Interim Coordinator Katja Delavar (who helped ensure the success of our recent Seattle Regional Conference) notes that Washington C4L members have helped a statewide voter initiative freezing the size of all Washington government budgets at current levels (with any excess being applied as refunds on property taxes) successfully make it to the ballot.

Washington C4L has also participated in the political process by hosting two special election candidate forums and gaining the cosponsorship of seven out of Washington’s nine representatives for Audit the Fed.

South Carolina: South Carolina C4L recently held its July Conference in Columbia, South Carolina, where it heard from a congressional candidate as well as some of the candidates for governor. Karen Floyd, the newly elected chairwoman of the South Carolina GOP, also addressed the crowd as part of her efforts to foster communication between the GOP and South Carolina C4L members.

Visit South Carolina’s state page here to see video from the event. South Carolina C4L plans to continue holding conferences until it has given all statewide candidates the opportunity to speak.

These are just some of the terrific things happening all across the country.

Congratulations go out to members in Alaska, Arkansas, Arizona, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota, Nebraska, Nevada, South Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming for having all of their representatives as cosponsors of HR 1207!

C4L members are spreading the word about our movement at local events, continuing to gather petitions in support of Audit the Fed, signing up new members at gun shows and fairs, writing letters to the editor, and organizing for future action.

Be sure to check out our Recent Member Blog Posts section at for even more stories!

If we are to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution, we have to first reclaim our own backyards. By spreading the message in our local communities and taking action in our states, we are opening minds, growing the movement, and strengthening our ability to resist big government politicians’ one-size-fits-all plans for our lives.

Do you have a state success story you want to see included in future installments? Send them along! Email any reports you would like to see highlighted to [email protected].

If you are not yet involved in your state’s Campaign for Liberty, select your state on our State page today, and join the ever-growing number of dedicated, liberty-minded individuals who are successfully fighting for their freedoms!

In Liberty,

John F. Tate


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