Campaign For Liberty – Regional Conference – Las Vegas – 07/12/2009

Today the following topics were covered:

Tactical Skills (Kirk Shelley):

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How to Be the Life of the Party (Jeff Greenspan):

Jeff basically talked about how to get involved in existing political parties. Campaign for Liberty encourages all liberty minded individuals to join their party’s central committe  in their county as a first step, be it the Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, or other parties. Look up your county central committee and attend their next meeting. Stay open to different ideas and listen to current members. Figure out who supports your ideas and goals. Get involved by volunteering. Campaign for Liberty members across the country have already accomplished this. A lot of members present at the conference are now members of their county central committes and are changing policies. Most importantly, when the next elections come up, there will be no more dirty tricks when someone like Ron Paul is on the ballot, since now we are beginning to fill those positions that enable us to ensure fair practices across the country.

One amusing fact which he pointed out: One lady was asking if we could somehow get to a point where we all hold up the same signs during rallies and not have so many different messages. He pointed out that the strength but also the problem of Campaign for Liberty is that, as opposed to other political organizations, all of its members think for themselves rather than taking orders.

Social Media: A How to Guide for Facebook, Blogs, and Twitter (Eric Gardner):

Eric explained how to use Google, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to spread the message.

Strategy & Vision:

Probably the most important speech of the entire event. The speaker, Jay,  was proposing that the Campaign for Liberty formulate a clearly measurable and coherent Vision Statement on where we want to be in how many years from now. He was suggesting to take a look at and follow their model to become the #1 news organization to spread the message of Freedom, Liberty, Peace, Prosperity, and Happiness.

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