Texas Judge Beats Daughter; The Facts About “Spanking”; Child Abuse The Root of All Evil

Ask yourself: What would have happened had the daughter consistently refused to bend over and fought back? All threats are ultimately threats of murder …

It is scientifically well established: As far as the results of such measures are concerned, there is a difference in degree, but not in kind, between what you see above and what is commonly referred to as “spanking”, as explained in this clip:

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The fact that in today’s world things like these can be broadcast to millions of people around the world and can cost a judge his job is encouraging and opens the door to a brighter future.

The world won’t know peace and reason until its children do.

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Remember when the end of the government credit induced housing bubble exposed homes as overpriced that turned out to be worth way less and that many people wished they’d never bought?

If you do and if you have a brain, then you can surely make the connection to the government credit induced college education bubble, whose end will expose college degrees as overpriced, making many people realize they should have never spent that kind of money.

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