Bernie Sanders’ 10 Point Manifesto (Amagi Podcast @ Think Liberty, Ep.18)

Nima & Dylan discuss Bernie Sanders’ 10 point plan.


Bernie Sanders Lays Out Bold 10-Point Plan for Democrats (

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#ClimateChange Doomsday Cult Issues Another “Dire” Warning

Nima discusses the latest of many dire climate change reports.


“U.S. impacts of climate change are intensifying, federal report says”(

The Technological Society by Jacques Ellul (

Club of Rome invents global warming hoax (

Peer reviewed science papers cited:

“These estimates both have much lower upper bounds than those from a predecessor study using AR5 data ending in 2011.” (

“solar variability has been the dominant influence on Northern Hemisphere temperature trends since at least 1881.” (

“If the climate continues its cooling and the sun behaves in a manner not witnessed since 1800, we can be sure that climate changes are dominated by the sun and that atmospheric CO2 has a very small role in climate changes. If the same climatic patterns, cyclic warming and cooling, that occurred over the past 500 years continue, we can expect several decades of moderate to severe global cooling.” (

“the ice winter severity index in the Baltic Sea is modulated by solar activity and solar motion in several frequency bands during the last 500 years.” (

“These quantities were analyzed in two GCMs and compensating errors in the SW and LW clear-sky, cross-atmosphere radiative flux divergence were found to conspire to produce somewhat reasonable predictions of the net clear-sky divergence. Both GCMs underestimated the surface LW and SW CRF and predicted near-zero SW CRE when the measured values were substantially larger (~70 W m−2 maximum).” (

“These findings, together with the missing orbital signature in published dendrochronological records, suggest that large-scale near-surface air-temperature reconstructions relying on tree-ring data may underestimate pre-instrumental temperatures including warmth during Medieval and Roman times.” (

“(…) resulting in the conclusion that the early MCA was warmer than the late 20th century by ~ 1 °C.” (

“the global temperature increase during the last century is between 0.4°C and 0.7°C, where these two values are the estimates derived from raw and adjusted data, respectively.” (

“Highest pre-industrial summer temperatures of the 12th century were 0.3 °C warmer than the 20th century.” (

“the periods in which solar activity agents affecting the Earth are predominantly related to solar toroidal or poloidal fields are the periods in which the North Atlantic Oscillation is negatively or positively correlated with solar activity, respectively.” (

“25–56% of the temperature increase the last 150 years may be attributed to the Sun. For 3 North Atlantic stations we get 63–72% solar contribution.” (

Oregon Petition (

1,350+ peer reviewed research papers supporting the skeptic’s view:

Another 100+:

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Has Hurricane Activity Increased?

I came across this interesting post the other day:

So have there been more natural disasters in recent years? In a word, NO.

What we have, rather, is an increase in our ability to detect hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Lets take a look at the most active hurricane seasons on record:

Year # of Storms # of Hurricanes
2005 22 12
1931 21 10
1969 18 12
1995 19 11
1936 16 15

While is is true that 2005 has been recorded as the worst year ever, 1931 and 1936 are not far behind. Furthermore, note that back then there were no weather satellites to track storms from above. If a storm formed out to sea and then blew itself out, no one noticed. If a hurricane formed but didn’t hit land, it wasn’t recorded.

Given that, its entirely possible—even likely—that the worst year ever was 1931. All it would take was to miss just two tropical storms and three hurricanes.

And that doesn’t even go to the question of whether or not there were worst hurricane seasons before records were kept. Hurricanes have only been seriously tracked since the 1850s.

In terms of the worst decades for hurricanes, the 1940s rank first. The 1990s rank 10th in the 15 decades for which records are available.

What about the increasing damage that hurricanes seem to cause?

That’s easy to explain. There are more people living on the coasts—and thus more damage. In 1920, there were just 500,000 people living in Florida’s coastal areas. Today, there are more than 13 million.

More people. More things to damage.

And how about tornadoes? The recent Evansville, Indiana tornado has been used as evidence of increasing tornado violence.

In the first place, the 22 dead in Evansville in 2005 pales in comparison to the 1925 Tri State Tornado’s 625 casualties. With no disrespect intended to the people of Evansville, it just doesn’t compare.

Further, because there are more people in the United States, it is only logical to expect that there are more places for tornadoes to touch down and do damage.

Interestingly, the US weather service HAS reported a slight increase in the number of tornadoes in recent years. But the increase is attributed to the establishment of the national Doppler Radar System. We simply are getting better at finding them. Prior to a national radar system, a tornado could form in the wilderness and no one would be the wiser. Now, we spot them.

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The Golbal Warming Catastrophe in Charts

This first chart is from The big picture: 65 million years of temperature swings. It clearly depicts the extent of the current global warming catastrophe within the context of the past 10,000 years:

global temperature over past 10,000 years
Click image to enlarge

Note the infamous “hockey stick” shape at the end of the chart which clearly shows the unprecedented extent of today’s post-little-ice-age warming.

But maybe 10,000 years are not enough to establish a pattern: The next chart is from, using reconstructed global temperature over the past 420,000 years based on the Vostok ice core from the Antarctica:

Vostok Temperature Reconstruction for the Past 420,000 Years
Click image to enlarge

Half a million years not floating your boat? How about a reconstruction of temperature over 65 million years:


All in all, I think we can safely conclude that global warming is unprecedented, impending, man-made, and catastrophic. The science is settled, and if you have the slightest shred of a doubt you are an annoying, ignorant, bigoted, Republican, anti-scientific big business oil/coal/whatever lobbyist who clubs baby seals and eats their hearts for breakfast!

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GMO Labeling Mandates

Dear Californian organic food enthusiasts:

I, too, prefer to know which food is genetically modified and which isn’t. So what I do to accomplish this objective is to inform myself via a medium commonly known as “the internet”.

I believe that if we give heavily armed people the power to restrict food supply if a producer didn’t receive their stamp of approval, then in the end you will not have the healthiest and most passionate food suppliers dominating the market, but those who spend the bulk of their time greasing politicians in Sacramento to attain oligopoly if not monopoly powers.

Isn’t the example of the FDA on the federal level proof enough that this is always the course things take?

As a matter of fact, did you know that the FDA actively restricts producers from highlighting the fact that their food is non-GMO?

The labeling matter is further complicated because the FDA has maintained a tough stance for food makers who don’t use genetically engineered ingredients and want to promote their products as an alternative. The agency allows manufacturers to label their products as not genetically engineered as long as those labels are accurate and do not imply that the products are therefore more healthful.

The agency warned the dairy industry in 1994 that it could not use “Hormone Free” labeling on milk from cows that are not given engineered hormones, because all milk contains some hormones.

It has sent a flurry of enforcement letters to food makers, including B&G Foods, which was told it could not use the phrase “GMO-free” on its Polaner All Fruit strawberry spread label because GMO refers to genetically modified organisms and strawberries are produce, not organisms.

It told the maker of Spectrum Canola Oil that it could not use a label that included a red circle with a line through it and the words “GMO,” saying the symbol suggested that there was something wrong with genetically engineered food.

Why is it that so few healthy food advocates and environmentalists ever throw all their support behind abolishing all those dumb-ass government programs that are at the root of the problems they claim to be concerned with? Why is it that most of them spend the bulk of their time to advocate slapping on more government regulations, more power to the state?

In my opinion it’s because deep down they’re not concerned about those problems, but rather about expanding state powers under the guise of supporting a popular cause, or just in general being part of a seemingly simple and quick solution to manage their own anxiety about a problem rather than the actual problem itself. “Give the guys with guns and prisons more powers and they’ll fix it somehow. DONE. NEXT.”

At least I haven’t recently seen many environmentalists advocate the abandonment of taxi cab regulations, of the forced funding of roads via taxation, of “free” (=tax-funded) water supply, or of the implicit subsidization of fossil fuels via troops in the middle east; all things that would actually attack the root causes the things they claim to be oh so concerned with.

No, all they can ever think of is to give the very people who are screwing up the environment most even more powers to supposedly fix what they’re breaking.

California Prop 37 is yet another manifestation of this mode of “thinking”.

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