What’s With This #MMT Garbage? (Amagi Podcast @Think_Liberty, Ep.29)

Nima and Dylan discuss more FEE MMT criticisms.


Modern Monetary Theory: Debunking the Latest Incarnation of Government’s Magic Money Tree (https://fee.org/articles/modern-monetary-theory-debunking-the-latest-incarnation-of-government-s-magic-money-tree/)

Modern Monetary Theory and the Unspoken Effects of Inflation (https://fee.org/articles/modern-monetary-theory-and-the-unspoken-effects-of-inflation/)

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How (Not) To Criticize Modern Monetary Theory (#MMT) (Amagi Podcast @Think_Liberty, Ep.26)

Dylan and Nima discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of MMT criticisms.


Modern Monetary Theory Is Not Grounded in Economic Reality (https://fee.org/articles/modern-monetary-theory-is-not-grounded-in-economic-reality/?utm_source=zapier&utm&fbclid=IwAR28O2F6e4YZJzalUuDIDzXGwnohF8nkELcT-l0SkCQShBD07SeWFKN9_y8)

U6 Unemployment Rate (https://www.macrotrends.net/1377/u6-unemployment-rate)

MMT’s True Colors Appear (https://www.pragcap.com/mmts-true-colors-appear/)

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How Private Is The “Private” Banking System? (Amagi Podcast @Think_Liberty, Ep.25)

Dylan and Nima discuss how the private banking system actually works, and how private it actually is.

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The Barter Theory Of Money Is Bogus: Listener Q’s Answered (Amagi Podcast @ Think Liberty, Ep.22)

Dylan and Nima discuss a listener’s questions and comment about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT).


Empiricism Shatters The Barter Theory of Money (https://www.economicsjunkie.com/empiricism-shatters-barter-theory-money/)

Private Debt To Income (https://fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/?graph_id=347240)

Corporate Profits (https://fred.stlouisfed.org/graph/?graph_id=344834)

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Inflation, QE, Stocks & Assflation

Nima discusses an article by Cullen Roche on PragCap.com about the Federal Reserve, Quantitiative Easing (QE), interest rates, consumer price inflation, and asset price inflation (assflation).


Let’s Talk About QE and Assflation (https://www.pragcap.com/lets-talk-qe-asset-price-inflation/)

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