Enforcing Behaviors in a Stateless Society?

“How can desired behaviors be enforced without a state?” you may ask.

Well, the greatest force that keeps the the state alive is voluntary moral condemnation and ostracism of all those who dare to question its necessity, and their ensuing voluntary desire for acceptance by means of conformity.

Thus the existence of the state is in itself the best possible proof that desired behaviors are totally enforceable voluntarily, that is without the existence of a state!

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On Forgiveness

Culture, society, nay the whole world is ailing in bloodbaths and perpetuated cycles of corruption and abuse, all caused by irrational ideas held and passed on by the worst bullies, sociopaths, and megalomaniacs.

Those who do evil always know in their heart of hearts how guilty they are. Should we then be surprised about the fact that they have sold us “forgiveness” as such a cherished, respectable and almost universally lauded virtue?

I firmly believe that their era is coming to an end and a new one dawns. What we make of it is up to us.

So to make the world a better place, good people should not make forgiving others their objective. They should do all those annoying, “nasty”, and unpopular things: They should absolutely point fingers, play “the blame game”, judge, and condemn those who have done them emotional and physical harm. They should make them earn forgiveness if anything, but not dispense it here and there as if it could be willed into existence upon request like a genie.

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Property, Voluntary Action, Aggression, Force, Defense, Liberty & Voluntaryism

Private Property: Goods obtained via homesteading or voluntary exchange.

Voluntary: Any action that is performed without the threat of aggression.

Aggression: The INITIATION of the use of force.

Force(=Violence=Coercion): The occupation of one’s body or private property against his will.

Defense: The use of force in response to aggression.

Liberty: The absence of aggression.

Voluntaryism: The theory that defense is the only universally permissible (=moral) application of force.

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Atlas Shrugged – The Movie

Worshipers of the Grand Lady of philosophy are eagerly awaiting Part 1 which opens on April 15th …

Here is an interview with the producer on Freedomain Radio:

In a world full of crises, turmoil, disasters, protests, tyranny, wars, lobbyism, middle class destruction, favoritism, bailouts, taxes, and indebtedness, a world where all these factors are leading up to their inevitable culmination, the timing for the movie to this prescient, epic, brilliant, gripping, and deep story could not have been better.

Enjoy it! =)

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Atheism, Religion, and Teaching Methodologies VS Conclusions

Some follow up on my last clip …

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