Discussion on Gold, Money, South Africa, and Mining

It’s these kinds of conversations that I love. Knowledgeable individuals who calmly discuss world events without any mainstream media bias or bullshit …

The main things to take away from this conversation:

  • Gold has remained money for 5000 years while fiat currencies have failed over and over again
  • The Euro will fail (if it hasn’t already)
  • 40% (!!) of the world’s gold has been produced in South Africa (it is thus to gold like Saudi Arabia to oil)
  • Fleming proposes that a sizable portion of Chinese gold demand comes from personal savers, and thus represents genuine and un-manipulated personal savings demand
  • Fleming believes that the dollar price gold will sooner or later get back to Dow Jones parity (in case you’re wondering: gold is currently at $1500 while the Dow is at 12500)
  • Fleming also suggests that individuals Greece, once left alone by EU imperialists, will have incentives to focus on one of their biggest strengths, namely the shipping industry

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