Dollar, Gold, Treasurys Continue to Act Well

The Dollar

It’s important to cut out the noise you hear in the media from people who are incapable of looking at events past the duration of a week or so.

The dollar has been taking a break from its long term rally against the Euro, but continues to stay within the trading range that I have been eying for a while.


It’s even possible that the Dollar falls further against the Euro to somewhere around 1.45, and then again rises to levels below 1.20.


Well, what should I say about gold. It continues to rise to record levels, hitting $1344 on Friday, while those who don’t understand the concepts of money and in particular gold during deflation angrily observe the trend with clueless stares.


Treasury Yields

Treasury yields have hit a 20 month low and are now at 2.38 percent.


The alarm bells are ringing for equities … once more.

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