Finland, Netherlands, and Irelend Thwart Franco-German Plans; New Euro Accord To Include 23 Countries – For Now

Merkozy plans are dead on arrival as a A rebellion by Finland, the Netherlands and Ireland is threatening to torpedo the Brussels summit plans:

Hours before leaders arrived in Brussels , the Finnish parliament ruled that treaty changes proposed for the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) were “unconstitutional”.

The summit was further put at risk with news that after failing stress tests, European banks need to raise €115bn (£98bn) in fresh capital to satisfy regulators.

Finland’s grand committee said decisions made by the ESM – the eurozone’s permanent bail-out fund set for launch in 2012 – had to remain unanimous, and not changed to the “qualified majority” that French president Nicolas Sarkozy and German chancellor Angela Merkel have agreed.

The Finns are backed by the Netherlands, which fears proposals to withdraw veto powers from the ESM is an erosion of democracy and would make it vulnerable to funding bail-outs without recourse. Meanwhile, the Irish want to block plans for the “convergence and harmonisation” of the eurozone’s “corporate tax base”.

And this just in – New euro accord to include 23 countries:

The president of the European Council said Friday that a new intergovernmental treaty meant to save the euro currency will include the 17 eurozone states plus as many as six other European Union countries — but not all 27 EU members.

The failure to get agreement among all the members of the European Union at a summit meeting in Brussels reflected in large part a deep split between France and Germany on the one hand and Britain on the other. France and Germany are the two largest economies in the eurozone; Britain does not use the euro as its currency.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy said early Friday he would have preferred a treaty among all the members of the European Union. But that could not be achieved, he said, because the British proposed that they be exempted from certain financial regulations.

“We could not accept this” because a lack of sufficient regulation caused the current problems, Sarkozy said. The new intergovernmental accord should be ready by March, he said.

Note Sakozy’s assumption that anyone who hears him talk is a complete moron. The Euromess is a complete and total result of bureaucratic regulation from all angles, to assume people can’t see that is to assume that people are literally mentally challenged.

And then to bring it up against the British who avoided this bureaucratic mess precisely by staying out of Euro currency regulations … that, my friends, truly takes the full force of arrogant, negligent, and shameless statesmanship that only a Nicholas Sarkozy could display.

Anyway, the number of future member stats is already down to 17+6, the Euro has officially begun to crumble. Expect more states to quit this failed experiment until it finally disappears where it belongs: the dustbins of history.

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