Has The Dollar Rally Started?

The rally of the US Dollar vs. other major currencies is something that I have been expecting for a while now. The dollar made some bold moves recently. It is conceivable that this may be the kick off to that said rally. Just as an example, below see the Euro/Dollar chart:


The upward trend in the Euro since March seems to have begun reversing. Dollar perma-bears will look at this as just another temporary counter trend move. I believe that it is possible that a longer term Dollar rally is quite conceivable, for all the reasons I stated again and again and that I will not delve into here again. You can read the “Related Posts” below if you like.

Daily FX writes US Dollar Closer to Beginning, Rather than End, of Bull Move:

This is the same chart that was published yesterday. I wrote then that “the clearest portion of the decline is the initial decline that ends at 14670. Since then, price has stair stepped lower in what could be the beginning of a 3rd wave. Staying below 14785 keeps this extremely bearish count on track. A loose target is 14000, which is the 161.8% extension of wave 1.” This analysis remains on track. Risk can be moved to 14600 and resistance is 14420-50.

Sometimes Mish tends to have the amazing tendency to call certain trend reversals almost exactly on the day of the peak/low. This is him on Nov 27: New Record Low Yield On Two Year Treasuries; Is This The Start Of A Dollar Rally?

Given the US markets were closed yesterday, I have the same question floating in my mind as a day ago, wondering if this is another one day wonder rally in the dollar (and another one day wonder selloff in equities) or if this is the start of a long awaited correction in both the dollar and equities.

A significant Dollar rally is, at the same time, very bullish for Treasurys and and very bearish for stocks. Gold may continue to do fine. Time will tell …

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