Health Care Reform Nonsense – Don’t Hurt Your Head About It

Once in a while these days I happen to catch the talk on the news media about the passage of the health care bill. I see pictures of heroic congressmen and officials, and praise for their stunning “Victory”. I see talking heads on CNN and FOX news in the famous 4 headed hydras talking about a bill which they haven’t read.

Every single one debates this bill with such amazing certainty, it’s really quite amusing. Because nobody, not one single person, knows the full content of this 2400+ page monster.

I don’t know what specifically is in it because I have not taken the time to read through the entire bill, just as no single Senator or Congressman has, but one thing is for sure: it satisfies all the different lobbyists who needed to get their pork in order for their representatives in Congress to vote for the bill.

I wrote before what would need to happen in a hypothetical world where politicians really care about fixing health care in the US. (*chuckle*) Of course none of this is going to happen.

Politicians will do everything in their power to loot the public purse at an accelerating speed and government will continue its long lasting and inevitable growth.

There is no use in hurting your head about it or shouting at them on Capitol Hill. Talk to your friends and family about the truth behind what’s going on, try to enlighten those who are interested. Like I said before:

This train wreck is headed for a cliff and the public is cheering on its acceleration. The system will have to play itself out, and in the very process it is going to destroy itself.

All we can do is remain calm and collected, don’t stress over this madness. Educate yourself and your friends and family about the truth about Freedom, Peace and Happiness. Act upon it. Understand the concepts of Ethics, Human Nature, Government, and Liberty. Act upon it.

Once people understand the truth, society will be transformed into a viable, peaceful, and prosperous system.

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