July Home Sales Likely Worst Month in a Decade

The AP Writes July home sales likely plunged:

The housing market is taking a turn for the worse.

Tuesday’s report from the National Association of Realtors about sales of previously occupied homes is expected to show sales plunged in July. Economists are predicting as much as a 26 percent drop from a month earlier to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 3.95 million. That would be the worst month for sales in more than a decade.

Many say the market is hurting because buyers and sellers are in a standoff over home prices. Sellers have unrealistic expectations about their home values and are listing properties on the high end.

Buyers are afraid home prices will start falling after being flat nationally for about a year and even rising in some parts of the country.

These are the inevitable workings of a slip back into recession, a double dip recession if you consider the phony reflation efforts of the past year to have been a break from the recession (which I would have my doubts about … but these are minor details in the grand scheme).

In short … The Great Depression 2.0:

Once existing stimulus programs and credit expansion attempts subside, there won’t be much left to pick up the slack. The consumer won’t be able to go back to business as usual unless he goes through a long period of reduced consumption, deleveraging, and savings, a period during which the majority of production and spending inside the US will have to be focused on capital goods, so as to restore a balanced ratio between the production of consumer goods and the production of capital goods.

At the point when these government stimuli wind down, Keynesian clowns will be jumping out of the bushes left and right, and demand that the government take on more debt and spend more money. But at some point their mindless tirades will no longer appeal to an overtaxed and overleveraged populace. Their ivory tower nonsense will be way too far detached from simple realities.

Any temporary recovery we witness now, is likely to be remembered as just that, a temporary phenomenon. All actions taken so far have set the perfect stage for a double dip recession of enormous proportions, the worst possible prolongation of the necessary correction.

If it was our dear government’s objective to repeat the playbook from the Great Depression one by one, then they have indeed succeeded phenomenally.

It should be clear by now to the most adamant believers … there was, is, and will be no recovery anytime soon.

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