Justice … Israeli Style

Looking at these images of heavily armed and guarded soliders beating, shooting at and throwing tear gas at elderly women and young protesters who have nothing but rocks and sling shots, one has to realize that this is always and everywhere the implied prerogative that any government assumes as response to lack of obedience, no matter where you live. This is precisely why your government always prefers for its citizenry to remain unarmed, while they arm themselves to the teeth.

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4 thoughts on “Justice … Israeli Style”

  1. My point is that any government PREFERS for its citizenry to be defenseless.

    The right to bear arms does not exist universally in the US. For example, try to walk through downtown Chicago, LA, San Francisco, or NYC with a gun on you. But even then, there are burdensome regulations in almost every state where you do have the ability to carry guns.

    Sooner or later one or the other incident may be used as justification for a federal ban.

  2. some of your statements are made so ambiguous that it could be always interpreted any way you wish, like PREFERS.

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