Low Carb Paleo Dieting

I started trying out the paleolithic way of eating out of curiosity because it immediately sounded appealing to me. The things to avoid were things that made me feel uncomfortably bloated after meals anyways, yet never really quite satisfied.

Avoiding noodles, rice, grains, and other high-carb items has helped me feel less filled yet more content in-between meals. On the other hand, there’s really not much I have to do without. In fact, I eat until I’m full and genuinely satisfied.

Why do I post this on EconomicsJunkie.com?

Well, I happen to believe that a balanced, healthy food intake is an important cornerstone to achieving economic independence, in particular in an environment where health care costs are rising so rapidly severely.

I also believe that one of the main reasons why we have gotten so accustomed to consuming carb heavy food, and lots of bad carbs at that, are government subsidies, tariffs, and special privileges granted to big farm conglomerates.

I don’t look at the paleo way of eating as a regimented diet, but rather a holistic approach to health eating and long term well being, and not at all a difficult, sacrificial or expensive one one at that!

For that reason, and also because I think it’s fun to cook and eat healthy, I intend to use FunPaleo.com – Fun & Simple Low Carb Eating to share simple recipes and tips about what I prepare and eat in my day to day life, in hopes that it’ll be of interest and help to others out there looking for dietary alternatives.

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1 thought on “Low Carb Paleo Dieting”

  1. I tried that it worked great, for one reason. Turned out I had a food allergy to wheat. Then it stopped working for me. Price of beef went-up, so I ate more pork. Yeah, you guessed it. I am severely intolerant to pork. About the same time my appetite went through the roof. Turns out I have silent GERD, so the acid burning a hole in my esophageal made a vaguely hunger like sensation that a full stomach would squash. So just because something works, the mechanism might not be what they think.

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