MMT For Conservatives Part 2 – What You’ve Never Been Told about the Economy

Dylan Moore of the Volitional Science Network and Nima Mahdjour of EconomicsJunkie go over the basics of MMT: what you’ve never been told about the economy.

-The concept of Credit Money and the Statist origins of money
-Sectoral Balances: how foreign trade can affect money supply and economic conditions
-Floating vs. Fixed Currency Systems: the arbitrariness of the gold standard
-Why do governments sell bonds? Do they actually fund spending? No. They are essentially risk-free assets for rich people.
-What do federal reserve interest rates do? Nothing.
-If interest rates do nothing, why does the Fed control them?
-What does Quantitative Easing do? Turns out it’s nothing to worry about.
-The basics of the private banking system

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