Nancy Pelosi’s Double Standard on Minimum Wages

I just outlined how minimum wage laws create unemployment.

Below please find a great clip on how people who favor of minimum wage legislation fail to apply the same standards in their own dealings.

… Nancy Pelosi, who is completely clueless about economic matters, obviously sees no other way of responding to valid questions than to evade them, babble irrelevant catchphrases into the camera, and finally call the guard on the interviewer, threatening him that he “made a mistake”. Priceless!

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5 thoughts on “Nancy Pelosi’s Double Standard on Minimum Wages”

  1. … just in case you don’t want to publish my previous comment:

    Whenever people react the way Nancy Pelosi does in this video, they pretty much know that they are wrong, but can’t stand the fact that they are losing, so they become aggressive and claim that the other person is being unfair or stupid.

    She could have simply said “you are … actually …. right”. The McDonald’s example made it perfectly clear.

    Who is the interviewer?

  2. My personal favorite from Jan is questioning Harry Reid on “voluntary” taxes. Highly recommended for a laugh/throw up.

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