Peter Schiff for Senate in 2010

I received this message in a newsletter from Peter Schiff:

Dear Friend,

As you may know, I am seriously considering seeking the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in Connecticut, and I’ve launched to help me gauge support for my candidacy.

As one of the few economists with a record of successfully forecasting the recession, I can say with certainty that unless we return to true free-market principles, our economy will not rebound. Our families will continue to suffer. Unemployment and inflation will continue to rise. Our debt and deficits will continue to grow.

It is time to change course. Unfortunately, Congress and the President are continuing down the reckless path of more spending, more government intervention and more restrictions on free enterprise and individual liberty. Socialism has never worked anywhere, and it won’t work here. Washington must have the courage to stand by our founding principles in this time of crisis. Our politicians do not understand the stakes – which is why I am considering a run for the U.S. Senate.

But I am a practical man. I know that the political deck is stacked against me, and that wild card candidates almost never win. But I do have an ace up my sleeve, and that is like-minded people across the country who share my ideals. If I can’t translate that support into campaign cash, then I have no hope of defeating an entrenched political machine.

Polls suggest that the race is winnable and I am ready to make the personal and financial sacrifice necessary to run. But I can’t win this race alone. If the support is there, I will answer the call. However, if the public sentiment for my campaign is not there, and I decide not to run, I will return the unspent contributions. The decision now rests with you. So make your voice heard by contributing and signing-up at

Free-market conservatives have an opportunity in 2010. With your help and support, I believe this will be our generation’s chance to make a difference for ourselves and our children. Join me at

It’s time we made ourselves heard.

Best regards,
Peter Schiff

I am confident he will be able to collect enough donations, and I wish Schiff all the best in this race. I agree with him on virtually every recommendation he makes on changing policy. I do disagree with him on his market predictions regarding inflation and global decoupling, but that is a completely separate matter.

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