Police State Fascism on the March; Obey and Convey

Police Brutality – A Never Ending Saga

Some people take offense when I define government as nothing but a gang of people that periodically and perpetually aggresses with impunity against individuals who have done no harm. That is fine, decades of indoctrination are likely to provoke offense to such a statement. But it has no bearing on whether or not it describes with 100% accuracy what happens in reality.

This sounds silly and it kind of freaks me out a bit too: But a lot of people really seem to derive their knowledge and opinions about the police from cop dramas on TV and in the theaters! It’s not like there is a shortage of those, that’s for sure. (In fact, I have the TV running as I write this and “The Capture of the Green River Killer” is on LMN.) I’m serious. Ask anybody what they think it is the police does. They will tell you something along the lines of that they are here to serve and protect us, and yes there are some bad apples here and there, but we shouldn’t let isolated incidents delude us, bla bla bla. Then ask them how many times they were actually protected by a cop vs. how many times they themselves have, on the contrary, been inconvenienced by cops for doing harm to nobody, for such things as driving with a cracked windshield, expired registration, doing illegal U-turns, J-walking, etc. This is a great example of concepts clouding people’s reality.

We can talk all day long about taxes, and deficits, and health care bills, financial reform, “freeing” Iraqis in wars, Social Security, and the Federal Reserve Bank, etc. etc.

But it really all comes down to one simple thing: If you don’t agree and thus prefer not to hand over your property to support any of these programs, or if you dare to peacefully compete with government enforced monopolies, or if you do whatever else the state orders you not to do, armed people in uniform will come to your house to kidnap you, lock you up, and steal your property. If you raise a gun to defend yourself against this intrusion, you will be shot down.

Here are some clips of incidents involving cops across the country.

These friendly cops break into a family home and shoot the owner’s dog in front of his children. The reason they did this is because they think he is in possession of a certain vegetation:

These cops harass a filming bystander while throwing grenades into empty buildings in residential neighborhoods:

4 Cops brutalize 2 young female school protesters:

Oakland BART Cop shoots unarmed man lying on the ground in the back:

Support CopBlock

Pete Eyre just invited me to a new site he is involved with, CopBlock, go check it out:

The idea behind Cop Block is to highlight the double standard within police departments. We hope to accomplish this by documenting police actions, whether they be illegal or just a waste of time and resources, then having supporters call into the police stations highlighted (hopefully recording their conversations). On top of the direct pressure we hope to put on police departments we want to be an educational resource for those with rights violating police officers. A place where several different techniques, view points and courses of action can be displayed.

Obey and Convey

There is no point in “standing up” against brute force. There is no point in arguing over “constitutional rights” with someone who can brutalize you with impunity. In doing so one actually sanctions a fundamentally corrupt process. By invoking legality or morality, one implies that the purpose of a police force is to be moral and follow universally preferable behavior.

Well, of course it’s not. The police are the henchmen of the state. Do you think this system of interventionist fascism would work if cops were moral?

Why do you think it is that so many times abusive cops get away with impunity? It’s because brutalizing innocents is one of the big perks for potential new cadets. The state needs those bonehead cops who follow orders without questions and who enjoy beating up on the weak and powerless, because those are the guys who “get things done” for them and who scare potential competitors and “tax dodgers” into submission!

Here is some more on the nature of the police and the military:

And here is how the police would work in a stateless society:

There is nothing wrong with obeying brute force. It is a perfectly valid and natural response to overwhelming aggression.

But what we can and should do is to convey the message, spread clips such as the above, inform people that there are much more viable and intelligent alternatives out there than giving young and abusive (and probably abused) people guns, tanks and blue costumes, and over time people will wake up to reality from their all too long slumber. Ideas will shape the future, guns only shape the present. The power is with us.

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