Privatization = Civilization

To say that privatization has contributed to civilization’s progress would be insufficient to say the least. Civilizational progress is and has in fact always been synonymous with the replacement of a monopoly on violence with voluntary choice, aka privatization.

The separation of church and state was a sweeping privatization that allowed people to choose a religion that was not controlled or mandated by the state.

The emergence of free trade over feudalism came about through the privatization of land and property.

The abolition of slavery happened when government troopers finally stopped catching runaway slaves, privatizing the labor market for jobs formerly performed under slave labor.

Women’s rights were essentially recognized when the institution of marriage was privatized and women could finally end undesirable arrangements of their own volition and own private property without breaking the law.

Bitcoin‘s first big use case is essentially the total and complete privatization of the money and payments system, and I promise you, it will stand in history alongside the former important achievements.

Today’s self styled “liberal progressives” hate pretty much nothing more than the concept of privatization. They are hence counter to the label the biggest reactionaries one could possibly imagine. Had that spirit prevailed in the past, I believe it is fair to say that none of the above advancements would have ever occurred and that we would still be painting walls in caves or hunter gathering or something like that.

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