Reason is the Enemy

Reason is the enemy of the spin doctors of our age. Reason requires thought. Thought requires intelligence. The less intelligent someone is, the less reasonable the decisions he makes.

This is the fate of those who fall for the spin doctors of our age; for the people who tell us that aggression is justifiable; the people who cry about global warming; the people who tell you their health care plan will make a difference; the people who send 30,000 more hitmen to Afghanistan to kill more people and get killed by more … and, yes,  the people who thought it made sense to invade Iraq …

… the people who voted for Bush and Obama.

The people who take your money and give it to their Wall St. buddies; the people who think prosperity can be conjured up out of a printing press; the people who have been wrong on every single thing they said in the past … and will continue to be wrong on every thing they say in future.

This is the fate of Democracy today; a bunch of misguided souls, thinking they know when they don’t, thinking they voted for change when they didn’t, thinking they thought when they didn’t.

Yes, intelligence does require thought; thought requires reason … reason is the human tool of survival, what would we be without it?

Who is out seeking to destroy our tool of survival, to issue our death sentence. It is, unfortunately, the spin doctors of our age, messing with your minds.

Don’t let them do it! THINK! Use your brain! Question things you are being told before accepting them at face value. Educate yourself about Ethics, Human Nature, and Government.

For intelligence requires thought. Thought requires reason. And the spin doctors of our age are the enemy of reason … don’t let them succeed. Think for yourself and fight for truth. Because as long as you don’t, nothing will change …

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