Right vs Left

The right-left paradigm of politics finds its roots in the two most innate and manipulation-prone emotions known to mankind: Fear and guilt.

Every single right wing ideology exalts and admires strength, for it takes strength and discipline to protect us from all the things we’re supposed to be scared of.

Leftist ideologies emphasize the feeling of pity and compassion for the weak and the less fortunate, and generally appeal to a sense of guilt in those who are better off.

So called moderate or centrist political ideologies can be found anywhere in-between those two polar opposites.

This is not a coincidence. Most of us have lived through both sides of this manipulation spectrum:

A weak and defenseless child is easily manipulable by means of patriarchal threats and assertions of strength. Once the child grows into a vigorous adult while his parents become elderly and fragile, physical threats will no longer be credible or effective. It is during this phase that the appeals to fear will subside and give way to the subtle cruelty of dewy-eyed guilt trips.

To free yourself from this game, you need to see it for what it is.

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