Ron Paul – Suddenly All Over the News :)

I tuned into Yahoo Finance this morning. I usually do it to amuse myself about newsflashes such as “Stocks advance on cheaper oil.” and “Stocks fall as lower oil fuels demand worries”.

But what do I find today? On the front page there are 5 different stories involving Ron Paul:
Click image to enlarge.

(…they are even interested in his appearance in the movie Bruno)

One may wonder why this was not the case when it actually mattered, like during the Republican primaries for example, or in 2003 when he warned about the disaster that subsidized loans made by Fannie and Freddie will cause. However, late enlightenment is better than none at all. The Campaign for Liberty is winning. The proof is in the pudding.

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3 thoughts on “Ron Paul – Suddenly All Over the News :)”

  1. I think it is because of the upcoming Bruno movie and not late enlightenment …

    Yahoo is as trustworthy to me as Bernie Madoff :-)

  2. It could also be a case of Yahoo! remembering what news items interested you (based on clickthroughs), and using some algorithm to generate front page content tailored to your interests.

    Not a very pleasant thought if you’re concerned about privacy, but still a very real possibility…

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