Schwarzenegger – You Liar

He promised California change. Change from an over-taxed, and over-regulated regime. He brought more of the same…

…a time will come, when Californians will stand up against these depredations. Let’s make sure it happens rather sooner than later.

Please also consider California – What Has Become of You?

Enough is enough! California, Please Send a Message!

It’s time to cut spending, not raise taxes. California, please send a message to the legislature for other states to follow. Tell the spendthrifts to go to hell. It’s easy to do. Just vote No on 1A through 1E and Yes on 1F. And I still want to see “Proposition Mish” to lower the pay of all government employees starting with the California legislature.

Enough Is Enough: Let The Tax Revolts Begin

Nationwide, we need to elect representatives who will cut spending, not raise taxes or play shell games to hide deficits.

The message is catching on. See what happened at the Tax Revolts in Fullerton:

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