Socialism for the Rich a.k.a. Neoliberalism

Here is an accurate analysis as to why libertarians shouldn’t count on most conservatives out there when it comes to defending what they view as free markets:

Because that’s what “privatization” means, to the typical “free market” wonk at Heritage or AEI: Instead of taxing the public to organize a public service through government bureaucrats who operate as a legal monopoly, you tax the public and hire a private company to perform the service. A private company which — thanks to no-bid contracts and all sorts of legal protections — usually operates as a monopoly and has the same outrageous cost-maximizing incentives as a “defense” contractor or public utility. And the tax burden may well actually be greater, because rather than just paying a bunch of white collar civil servants with GS classifications, you’ve got to pay white collar corporate drones — plus the cowboy CEO’s salary and the shareholder dividends. Taxpayer-funded either way, but with “free market reform” you get two layers of parasites instead of just the one. Woo-hoo!

See, it’s only “socialism” if you give the money to poor folks. If you give the money to corporations, that’s “pro-business.” And “pro-business,” of course, means “free market.”

I would be fully content with lefties using the term neoliberalism if they ever clarified that what they are talking about is a system with heavy government intervention, yet with the bulk of the money being distributed to businesses instead of bureaucrats.

This is really something that liberals and conservatives out there (who think they are oh so different from each other) need to grasp at some point if they care to make any sense:

Us voluntaryists and consistent libertarians are not proposing that extorted money be handed to the rich instead of the poor. We are proposing that aggression, and with that extortion, be universally proscribed; that there be no extorted money to play with in the first place!

You’re not a “free market guy” if you continue to tax people and, instead of paying government bureaucrats directly, you hire private businesses out of the voluntary market to do the job.

Just look at the unspeakable killing sprees, such as the murders of 1.4+ million Iraqis along with who knows how many injured for life or languishing in refugee camps, that had to occur in order to transfer wealth from US taxpayers to well-to-do war contractors.

I would argue that there seems to be a lot of evidence out there that hiring a private business for public money leads to far fewer checks and balances and less oversight and to far more chaos and wealth destruction, than if you use the money to pay government bureaucrats directly.

To be sure, the difference is one in degree not in kind. A shit sandwich is still a shit sandwich.

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