Stop the Stimulus

I already explained on numerous occasions why bailouts and more government spending won’t work, make things worse and create another Great Depression.

Below please find a great pro-active campaign that was sent to me from

Announcing: A quick, easy, FREE plan for stopping the stimulus… TODAY. Time to mobilize, Matrix Breakers!!

Watch the video, then see below for everything you need to get started:


Senate Phone/Fax numbers + Emails (by State)

Sample phone script:

“Hello, my name is __________, and I am a member of a conservative social media group called Top Conservatives on Twitter. I’m calling today to find out how Senator _____ intends to vote on S. 1, the stimulus package. (write down and report back the response. If the answer is “Vote Yes”) I’d like to encourage him/her to vote against this piece of legislation because it is too large and will be ineffective in boosting the economy. I especially don’t like (the talking point of the day). Please let Senator ______ know that I would like for him to vote “NO” when this piece of legislation is offered.”

Sample fax/e-mail text (please copy and paste these to your e-mail):

To the Honorable Senator _________,

My name is ____________, and I am a member of a conservative social media group called Top Conservatives on Twitter. I am writing today to ask you to vote against S. 1, the pork laden stimulus bailout. This is a bill that is full of wasteful spending and will not effectively boost the economy. In its current form, the stimulus bill will be more expensive than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined. It is a bill that is being marketed as an immediate response to a national emergency, but many economist have agreed that it will do nothing but prolong the recession. It reflects the “Christmas wish-list” of the Democrats most powerful interest groups more than the needs of the country. I urge you to keep the country’s best interest in mind, and not the desires of liberal interest groups, in mind as you vote against this bill.

Above all else, be polite. Passion is encouraged, foul language is not. Be aggressive, but not abusive.


THANKS to TCOT ( for organizing this counterstrike! is a group that welcomes anyone who believes what they call “the basics of conservatism” – smaller government, lower taxes, self-reliance and gun ownership. You’ll find Libertarians, Ron Paul Republicans, Independents, regular Republicans, and many others in this group. I certainly have differences of opinion with some of the people there (as with any group), but on this particular issue, I see a huge opportunity to join forces and have a much greater impact.

Join the TCOT Action Project network at:

More details here:

And don’t miss Sandie’s blog – she’s a fellow BTM/TCOT member:


PLEASE help us spread the word by forwarding the video to your friends, and rating, favoriting, commenting in YouTube. That is the single best way to help it move up the charts so new people will see it and learn about what we’re doing.

Other ways to help: Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Post this article and the video on Facebook, send a MySpace bulletin… you guys know the drill :)

THANK YOU for your help!!


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