Nobel Peace Prize Goes to European Union (Not a Joke)

I thought the Nobel Prize committee couldn’t top their 2009 peace prize, awarded to Barry the Bomber, for choosing the profession of droning Middle Eastern children into eternal peace.

But they doubled down indeed. May I present this year’s winner: TaDaaa, a non existing mental fiction called the European Union.

Yes, come into the spotlight dear Ms. Union, don’t be shy. Tell us all about how you’ve been bringing peace to the streets of Madrid, Athens, and London.

And while you’re at it, do elaborate on the successes of some of the world’s most prolific top 10 arms dealing governments, namely your own Germany, France, UK, Italy, and Sweden, proudly delivering to governments in some of the world’s bloodiest basket cases all over Africa and the Middle East.

Go ahead … we’re ALL EARS!

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