Home Prices – April 2009

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In April 2009 composite home prices declined by 18.1% from 1 year ago.

Top 3 annual declines:

1. Phoenix, Az: 35.26%
2. Las Vegas, NV: 32.25%
3. San Francisco, CA: 28.04%

Top 3 monthly declines:

1. Las Vegas, NV: 3.48%
2. Phonix, AZ: 2.23%
3. Miami, FL: 2.08%

Noteworthy: Prices actually rose a bit from 1 month ago in a few cities: San Fracisco (1st time since April 2007),  Denver, Washington DC (1st time since May 2006),  Atlanta, Clevelend, Dallas, and Seattle.

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Retail and Food Service Sales Down Again

Retail and Food Service Sales have dropped from $338.9 billion in April 09 to $337.7 billion in May 09, or roughly $12 per household:

…whoever talks of a recovery at this point lives in fantasy land.

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