Your Tax Dollars at Work … Booze and Strip Clubs for Six Figure DWP Workers

The mayor is of course a complete liar. Nothing will come out of such investigations, other than a few sacrificial lambs.

And of course the union will tell us that is it preposterous to question their whole racket just based on some “exceptional incidents”.

This is very important: People shouldn’t be surprised about such incidents. Taxpayer money is always up for grabs for waste and corruption.

These few DWP workers are not what’s the problem here. And to prosecute them will solve absolutely nothing. As I explained before, it is not individuals and their actions that we have to be concerned about when it comes to morality, but rather ideas regarding actions.

So long as you accept the idea that a government has any moral validity, this is what you’ll get and there is no reason to get upset at anyone else other than yourself. :)

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