The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) – A Treaty of Debt

So long as people give moral justification to organized aggression, namely the concept of government, there will be governments. So long as there are governments they will grow and grow until they completely cripple the economy they are leeching on or until they become unable to meet obligations entered into, triggering a reset.

In the long run, government power always tends towards centralization, with more and more power consolidated with fewer and fewer people, with less and less representation of the governed in the process.

It is true that, prompted by public ire from past failures, bureaucrats have throughout history devised methods to try and limit and balance state power through things like constitutions, bills of rights, balance of powers, parliaments, etc. What these measures have accomplished has been to slow down the growth, centralization, and overreach of the affected governments, but they have happened nonetheless, and with catastrophic results in many respects one could argue (1.4 million dead Iraqis might agree with me, just to bring up ONE example).

This is why even a limited government is so dangerous, because all the wealth and economic growth it brings about simply supplies more potential tax loot and thus sets the stage for more and more taxation and indebtedness, and an all the more gigantic and imperialistic state. (This is, by the way, why in the long run, after having suffered from repetitive government depredations again and again, at some point people will have to accept the validity of voluntaryism.)

These are the theories that I have been working with for years now, and there is plenty of historical evidence over the past millennia to corroborate them. The most prominent current example is of course the federal government in the United States, which has grown from a tiny government (about 7% of US GDP back then with lots of sovereignty for individual states) to the largest, most powerful, and most imperialistic government in the history of mankind, with more and more power being centralized in Washington, with Democrats and Republicans complicit in skillfully supplying their respective reasoning in their respective areas of public policy in order to consolidate power in the fields of social and military policies, respectively.

Another contemporary example is of course the European Union. Brussels represents what Washington has been in US history. Each individual crisis has been supplying and will continue to supply Brussels bit by bit with ammunition to expand its powers over member states in their endeavor of building a European Empire.

The ESM that is being discussed now fits right into this pattern and you can find out more about it in this informative clip:

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