Dare to Dream – Fall in Love with the Future!

This is exactly what I tell people who say that we won’t see the elimination of governments and religions in our lifetime:

“So what?! :)”

Since when is that thing called our lifetime of any relevance when it comes to the course of history? I already see the stateless and rational society right here and right now, in my mind. I think through all its wonderful solutions and benefits every day and I do my part to contribute to a logical and consistent body of literature that may some day be of use in that society.

I don’t need to see it actually unravel before me in my lifetime. I am proud to be among its pioneers and I value every day that our cause gets advanced a little bit more.

We’re not in a hurry, folks. Why? Because time is on our side. In the long run rationality always prevails. This is what gives me happiness, hope and certainty.

So don’t hurt your head about the present day bromides of priests and politicians – they’re not worth it.

Stop shouting at them in front of their palaces – they won’t listen.

Instead, take your pride and walk away. Set yourself free in your own life by dealing with the people in your immediate surroundings. This truly is the first step toward a stateless and rational society.

Always remember: It’s not a matter of if it will happen, only when.

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