Germany Votes for Change – Free Democratic Party Posts Best Results Ever

The elections in Germany are over and the political landscape is changing drastically. Personally, I am excited about the results. After 11 years of absence the Free Democratic Party (FDP) is returning to government with 14.6% of the votes. Their main agenda in a nutshell:

  • more net income from gross income for more growth, more jobs and more prosperity
  • more freedom through stronger civil rights
  • more education for better prospects for the future
  • more competition and lesser ideology in environmental policy for more energy
  • more confidence built through international dialogue

Back in May I wrote:

A strong FDP (Free Democratic Party) in the next German coalition would be the best thing that could happen to Germany. No change will emanate from SPD or CDU, just as in the US no change can emerge from Democrats or Republicans in their current state.

The FDP will have to govern in a coalition with the CDU/CSU, the conservative party. Economically, CDU and FDP have more overlaps than on civil policies. The FDP will attempt a reversal of the excessive intrusions into the privacy of Germans commited by SPD and CDU governments over the past years. It will be interesting to see whether the FDP will be able to push through their point of abolishing compulsory conscription into the German military.

The most important push will be on tax policy. The FDP aims at drastic tax cuts, with tax brackets at 10%, 25%, and 35%. How close the conservatives will be willing to move to these demands remains to be seen.

There is a danger that looms for the freedom movement in Europe: If no drastic and real changes are made to the status quo, Germany’s economy will continue to ail and unemployment will not improve. People will then falsely conclude that a pro-freedom party’s program has failed, that more freedom does not bring more prosperity, and once again cast the majority of votes for the big government parties, be they socialist or conservative.

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