The Golbal Warming Catastrophe in Charts

This first chart is from The big picture: 65 million years of temperature swings. It clearly depicts the extent of the current global warming catastrophe within the context of the past 10,000 years:

global temperature over past 10,000 years
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Note the infamous “hockey stick” shape at the end of the chart which clearly shows the unprecedented extent of today’s post-little-ice-age warming.

But maybe 10,000 years are not enough to establish a pattern: The next chart is from, using reconstructed global temperature over the past 420,000 years based on the Vostok ice core from the Antarctica:

Vostok Temperature Reconstruction for the Past 420,000 Years
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Half a million years not floating your boat? How about a reconstruction of temperature over 65 million years:


All in all, I think we can safely conclude that global warming is unprecedented, impending, man-made, and catastrophic. The science is settled, and if you have the slightest shred of a doubt you are an annoying, ignorant, bigoted, Republican, anti-scientific big business oil/coal/whatever lobbyist who clubs baby seals and eats their hearts for breakfast!

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