Could a Government Job Guarantee Permanently Solve the Unemployment Problem?

The Federal Job Guarantee – What Heresy is This?

Dylan Moore of the Volitional Science Network and Nima Mahjour of go over the basics of libertarian and Austrian thought on the role government plays in the economy.

A philosophical analysis of negative and positive rights tells us that any time the government gets involved in PROVIDING something, it must be inherently oppressive because someone need merely demand it to create an obligation on the government to provide it, and the government must provide it by taking it from someone else.

The Bill of Rights enshrined the concept of negative rights in the US Constitution.

However… there’s a weird one. The 6th Amendment. The government guarantees a right to a speedy trial. That sounds kind of like a positive right, doesn’t it?

(NOTE: I totally say 4th Amendment in the video. Doh.)

Libertarian philosophy argues: if the government causes the problem, then the government has to provide the solution. If the government arrests you (problem), it has to give you a means to deal with that arrest (speedy trial). Thus it doesn’t fit the category of a positive right.

…but what happens if government causes the problem of requiring citizens to pay taxes with money?

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