Las Vegas Sitting on Huge Housing Inventory; 70% of NV Mortgages Underwater; Massive Wave of Distressed Sales Coming

The New York Times notes Building Is Booming in a City of Empty Houses:

In a plastic tent under a glorious desert sky, Richard Lee preached the gospel of the second chance.

The chance to make money on the next housing boom “is like it’s never been,” Mr. Lee, a real estate promoter, assured a crowd of agents, investors and bankers. “We’re going to come back like you’ve never seen us before.”

Home prices in Las Vegas are down by 60 percent from 2006 in one of the steepest descents in modern times. There are 9,517 spanking new houses sitting empty. An additional 5,600 homes were repossessed by lenders in the first three months of this year and could soon be for sale.

Yet builders here are putting up 1,100 homes, and they are frantically buying lots for even more.

Las Vegas is trying to recover by building what it does not need. It is an unlikely pattern being repeated in many of the areas where the housing crash was most severe.

For now, builders are still able to find demand due to long drawn out short sale processes which are frustrating buyers, according to Calculated Risk.

CR also has a chart that shows the percentage of negative equity homes by state:

Homes underwater by state

While thousands of homes are empty and ghost towns are developing, 70% of homeowners are under water, builders continue to pile on, and agents again try to lure in people for the “next housing boom”. This next housing boom is not going to happen. Not in this decade, and probably not even in our lifetime.

As a result of this insanity, there will be great opportunities to strike ridiculous deals in Sin City at some point. Now is not that time.

This has all to do with what I explained recently:

True Consumption as Percentage of GDP


The true consumption ratio will need to come down significantly before a true alignment of resources in the production structure toward a recovery will be possible.

A close up to the years 2000 through now:


Government stimulus and bailout programs since the beginning of 2008 have fundamentally accomplished one thing: The ratio of the production of consumer goods versus factors of production has been bumped up for a little while.

Road to Recovery?

Contrary what the government says, they have not lead us onto a “path to recovery”. In fact, they have done the exact opposite! They have used all means at their disposal and all the force and dedication in the world to pull people in precisely the opposite direction.

This is the outcome of all the corporate bailouts, the cash for clunkers program, the 10,000 tax credit for homebuyers and what have you. Instead of abstaining from producing overproduced consumer goods and re-aligning toward capital goods, businesses have thus continued to produce excess trash and continued to engage in overly risky activities.

The payback for supporting this nonsense will be a double dip recession, Uncle Sam sends his regards.

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Campaign For Liberty – Regional Conference in Las Vegas

I will be at the Campaign for Liberty Regional Conference in Las Vegas this weekend:

On July 10-12, Campaign for Liberty members will gather at Bally’s Las Vegas to network, learn, and build their local organizations as our grassroots Revolution to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution continues.

Spend time with fellow liberty-minded activists, learn about history and current events from a freedom perspective you won’t hear from the mainstream media, and prepare to take back our country with top-notch training from seasoned experts.

Campaign for Liberty Regional Conferences will:

  • Strengthen your understanding of history and foundational principles necessary to maintain liberty
  • Teach you how to persuasively communicate our movement’s mission and message
  • Train you in how to recruit, equip, and mobilize an army of informed citizens and build the organizational structure necessary to win
  • Help you master the political process on the local, state, and national level

Our speakers will include:

  • Mark Skousen, Editor of Forecasts & Strategies, and producer of FreedomFest.
  • Tom Woods, best-selling author, historian, and Senior Fellow at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute.
  • Congressman Ron Paul, Honorary Chairman of Campaign for Liberty.

Anyone who happens to be there and would like to meet up, feel free to contact me.

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Putting an End to No Notice Evictions

This report shows some disturbing videos about no notice evictions, evictions that take place with as little as 25 minutes notice. The crime here is that often the units are rented out to paying tenants who know nothing about the foreclosure or the upcoming eviction:

I disagree with the term “pro growth policies”. I would rather say that policies of credit expansion are anti-growth. Regarding no notice evictions: Such a practice is theft . tenants are being deprived of housing which they paid for responsibly and are contractually entitled to. And what an incredibly stupid practice from banks’ perspective to vacate occupied units in this market!

Recently President Obama put an end to such theft by signing a Federal law protecting renters after foreclosure:

A new law passed by Congress and signed yesterday by President Obama provides protections for tenants whose landlords fall into foreclosure. Under the Helping Families Save Their Homes Act, tenants have the right to stay in their homes after foreclosure for 90 days or through the term of their lease. The bill also provides similar protections to housing voucher holders. The protections go into effect immediately and expire at the end of 2012.

… a decent move among a lot of insanity.

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