Bitcoin – A Formidable Challenge to the Powers That Be?

I have bean reading and coding a lot for the past day about stuff related to Bitcoin.

I am absolutely fascinated by the concept and I think that in the long run it’ll be a successful currency.

Economically, in my opinion, it fulfills all the requirements that exist for a quality medium of exchange (limited in supply, predictable in growth, divisible, homogeneous, fungible, and sustainable)

Here is a short clip about it:

Read more on the history of money here.

I have always said that I favor a competitive market for currencies, free from government fiat printing, and bitcoin may just be the ignition for such a market.

If it works out, it’ll be a great feat for the ideas of freedom and peace for all, and that is precisely why you should be prepared for a shit storm of high class propaganda by state bureaucrats, dependent intellectuals, and the state enforced banking cartel.

This is either just some mad, deluded, and over-excited trip that I am on, or it is greatest challenge that the global state controlled and “regulated” money system has encountered in all of history!

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